So there was this thing …

OK, I know I said I was going to post right away after the first of the year, either Jan. 2 or 3. And it didn’t happen. It also didn’t happen on Jan. 4 or 5.

And then Jan. 6 came and I just couldn’t seem to find the energy, inspiration, or motivation to blog for a few days. When thousands of protesters descended on our nation’s Capitol building, and then hundreds forced their way in, vandalized the building, and scared the living hell out of everyone inside, suddenly writing about new year’s resolutions or what I learned in 2020 or what I was most glad to be rid of from 2020 seemed a bit … trivial.

I’m still not sure this is the right thing to do, but it’s what feels normal – and damn, if I don’t really want to feel normal right now. If we ALL don’t want to feel normal. So I’m here, posting what will likely be little more than a short stream of consciousness, hoping that it gets me past the writer’s block that’s jammed itself firmly in my brain.

I feel like I’m in a kind of purgatory in all of this – I in no way whatsoever condone, support, or am in favor of what that group did. It was repulsive and, honestly, terrifying. But …

I do have Republican friends, and friends who voted for Donald Trump. We are on opposite sides of the political spectrum, but despite what others may say, I don’t believe for a second that any of my friends are racists, or homophobes, or home-grown terrorists set to overthrow the government. These are people I know. I may not understand their politics, but I know their hearts.

I also have many liberal friends who, like me, did not and would not vote for Donald Trump. Those friends far outnumber the others, but I value them all.

Unfortunately, my own toxic social posts about Trump over time have alienated many of my conservative-leaning friends, and the fact that I still have conservative-leaning friends has alienated some of my liberal friends. And just by posting this and admitting I (gasp!) have conservative-leaning friends, I may be alienating a few more of my liberal friends.

And it all just makes me very tired. Tired of hate. Tired of anger. Tired of being told who I should or shouldn’t be friends with. And now, thanks to a few thousand idiots who wanted to see their picture on TV, I’m a little scared – and I’m really tired of being scared already.

OK, I lied. This wasn’t that short. But it did kind of help. Cheerier thoughts next time. Girl Scout promise.


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4 responses to “So there was this thing …

  1. Lauren PM

    Oh, sister, I hear ya!!!! I, too, have conservative and liberal friends. I know some of the conservative friends are not fans of Trump, but I am sure some of them voted for him. Well, at least the first time. Not sure about the second time. (Part of me doesn’t want to know if they voted for him the second time because I know that will skew my view of them where in every other aspect of their personality, they are my FRIENDS.) I hate how toxic the country has become. I hate checking in on the news because there is something new to raise my blood pressure and question the fate of humanity. I hate that I am using the word hate WAY more than I used to. So, I will also pour a glass of wine to go with my whine and belly up to the bar with you. That being a virtual bar…and sitting 6 feet apart…and putting our masks back on between sips. 😦

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  2. Keep up the great posts!


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