Daily Archives: January 2, 2021

… and we’re back

Sometime in mid-November I got an email that said my WordPress domain would automatically renew on a particular date in December. I thought about it long enough to think, “Oh, I’ll need to think about that.”

Then I forgot about it. At least until another email came on that particular day in December that said my renewal payment was successfully completed.

So I guess I have another year to think about it.

There was a time a few years ago I wouldn’t have even hesitated – I loved blogging. I still do, but back then it seemed I had more time to do it, and more material to blog about. The kids were still at home (OK, so more than “a few” years ago) and they always provided material, plus there was the never-ending online dating saga.

Then I started doing a lot more freelance writing, and more writing at work, and the blog just kind of, well, it got forgotten. When I got that email in November I had to look back to see when I had last posted – it was exactly a year prior, in November 2019 (remember 2019? Sigh …).

So … here we are. I’m going to give this another go, see how 2021 goes. Lord knows the last year gave me plenty to write about, and plenty to think about.

First up later today will be my new take on New Year’s resolutions. And those who know me shouldn’t be at all surprised that it will be coming out late on Jan. 2. Or maybe early Jan. 3.

It’s how I roll …


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