Laugh a little … or a lot

Woohoo – getting closer!

6. My 2-year-old Lab mix, Ceili (pronounced KAY-lee) and I have a game we play every morning when I’m getting ready for work. When I get the hair dryer out, she goes into a frenzied search for her tennis ball and then brings it to me. The whole time I’m drying my hair – it takes about 20 minutes, unless I haven’t let it air dry for a while, then it takes longer – she brings the ball and drops it at my feet. I then kick it into another room, or sometimes right to her, and she fetches it and brings it back.

Laugh it offIt’s a pretty harmless game, and lets her work off a little extra energy.

Well, most days it’s harmless. This morning I got a little close to the door when I went to kick the tennis ball and ran my left pinky toe smack into it.

Ceili was a bit skittish after the flow of obscenities that escaped (but she did keep bringing me her ball).

I share this as yet another instance of where I have the chance – and so, now, do you – to laugh at myself.

It’s something I’ve gotten a fair amount of practice doing, and I like to share, so … yeah, people have laughed at my missteps, oddities, clumsiness, etc. for some time. I don’t mind. I refuse to take myself so seriously that I miss out on the funny stuff.

In case you missed them, here are a few stories I’ve shared over the years:

Life’s an adventure, folks. You just gotta laugh and enjoy the ride.


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