Ummm, I fell asleep

canstock5452281It’s Birthday Week – we’re getting closer.

7. A few years ago I met a man online and our first date was the day after his 50th birthday. Part of me felt a little weird. “Am I really old enough to be dating a 50-year-old?”

I was 45. So yes, I really was. But it just seemed a little weird to me.

We went out to dinner for our first date, and the next night we went to a bar and played pool in a torrential downpour (it rained so hard he waded out in water up to his knees to “rescue” my car from flooding).

Then came our third date.

We were going to go out to a nicer Italian restaurant for dinner. He got off work mid-afternoon, so I was to text him when I was home and we’d go from there. So I texted him when I got home a little after 5. No answer. I texted him again at 5:30. And at 6.

At 6:30 I got an apologetic call. “Are you still hungry? I’m so sorry, I fell asleep.”

I laughed it off, but part of me was really questioning this man-over-50 thing. Is 50 really that old? He fell asleep? It was still daylight, for crying out loud!

Karma sometimes takes her sweet time, but she does eventually make her point.

My lesson came yesterday.

A friend and I were going to go shopping for my birthday present. I had taken the dog for a long walk in the morning, then ran some errands around lunchtime. Through texts at around 1:30 p.m. we determined that my friend would take a quick shower and get ready, then she’d text me when she was ready to head my way.

She texted me at 2:30. Then again at 2:45. She broke down and called me at 3.

I’d fallen asleep in my chair playing Words with Friends, phone still in hand.

Hello, 50.

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