It’s not all about me (well, not always)

50 for molly3Hey all – while I enjoy making fun of myself and sharing all that is great (and not so great) about approaching 50, I’d love to hear some of your age issues – all for a possible post to be included in this series (unless you want to share just with me …).

What did you look forward to? What did you dread? What did you find out about turning a certain age that you didn’t know? Funny stories? Embarrassing moments? Be brave – share!

Send me stories, photos, anything you want to share –


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2 responses to “It’s not all about me (well, not always)

  1. No real entertaining stories come to mind…just the steady accumulation (not sure that’s the right word – edit!) of perspective, which I’ve found a great comfort. It’s almost like I’m learning things, and I’d like to think I’m better for it.


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