It’s not that easy

There seems to be an uprising in urgency among men wanting to meet women, regardless of their appearance.

Guys, you may want to see us in our “natural state,” what we really look like, but I’m telling you now — don’t do it. With blind dates, online hookups or anything else that involves faceless chatter before the actual meeting, don’t assume that just because you’ve had pleasant conversation that we’re ready to let you see us in our sweats or frumpy sweaters or, God forbid, sans makeup.

It ain’t happenin’.

The world of dating has changed — I get that. I can get used to the idea of meeting people online first. Getting to know someone before you actually meet them? Sure. Fine. Whatever.

But don’t even think you can take away a woman’s right to primp and “put our best face forward” when the real meeting happens.


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