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Words to live by … seriously

I’ve missed blogging. I’ve missed the writing, the conversation, the idea-gathering, the snarkiness. I’ve missed it a lot. Yet when I sit down to write a new post, something blocks me.

I blame the “break” first on a migraine medication I started taking daily in September. It was designed to be preventive – if I took it every day the migraines would go away. Then I realized that not only was it not making the migraines stop (I had two of the worst ones I’ve ever had while actually on the medication), it put me in a perpetual state of fog. I set my body on “auto pilot” and just made the motions to get through the day, without actually doing anything to participate.

And when you don’t feel like you’re doing anything, it’s really hard to write about it.

I put some blame, too, on my new part-time job. I started working in  a shoe store in the mall right before Thanksgiving – just a few nights a week and on Sundays – and I’m downright exhausted during the week. Where I once automatically turned the laptop on and spent hours reading and researching, there are days now the home computer goes untouched.

I’m off the fog medication now (I’d rather deal with the occasional migraine than a constant state of fogginess) and am trying to get back to blogging. I’m still incredibly tired most of the time, so we’ll see how it goes.

In the meantime, a friend posted this on Facebook today and I just finished reading it. And I love it. I love it so much I’m making it my inaugural post-fog post.

Enjoy. Learn a few things. See how many you can do in a day.

And that one about dancing with my dad? I’m going to get that one in the very next chance I get.

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Online dating is for the birds – and my wings are getting tired

I’m not a slow learner, really I’m not. I learned how to drive a stick (read “vehicle with manual transmission”) in less than an hour. I learned how to swim as a toddler when one of my dad’s friends tossed me into the pool. I could easily maneuver the roads in Mario’s ghost house on Nintendo 64 and I’ve pretty well mastered Angry Birds.

So why, why, why do I just not get online dating?

Oh, I understand the concept well enough. People who are too busy or too insecure or too something to get out and meet someone – or simply don’t know where to go – get online, fill out a profile and meet people with the purposes of dating (although some purposes are for a time commitment even shorter – and with a much more casual dress code – than an actual date).

What I don’t understand is the thought process some people use when introducing themselves to someone, or when actually taking the time to meet someone.

Whether it’s an online dating site or a singles site on Facebook, I am still surprised at how often I’m approached for a casual sexual encounter, or by “men” who are slightly older than my son (seriously – a 21-year-old this week told me to “ignore the age thing and just give it a try”), or who are still married (no, “separated” does not mean the same as “divorced”) or who just start conversation in a way that, really, just makes me laugh and delete.

One man sent me an email telling me he was “tired of the five-knuckle shuffle and decided to try online dating.” Um, ew. Another, in explaining how nervous he was about our first date, told me he’d been having stomach issues all day but he thought he had them under control – and was on his way to the Mexican restaurant where we’d agreed to meet. Yet another sent me an email asking if I’d ever considered dating a couple.

A couple of what?

And today, just a few minutes after being invited to a singles group on Facebook, I was sent a message by a man wanting to know if I was interested in having some naughty fun.

Really? While I’m glad I’m not sending out prude vibes, I’ve really got to wonder what kind of image I really do have out there. What about me says, “Hey, I’m bored and lonely so yeah, let’s have sex”?

I’m no prude, nor am I easily offended but really, really, let’s start with some normal conversation and get to know each other a bit.

I’d like to say I’m giving it up, but I’m sure there’s always going to be something that lures me back. Comic relief, if nothing else.




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