Biting off more than I can chew

IMG_20170327_141052Part of a fairly frequent countdown to 50.

83. See what I did there? I’ve gone from a “daily countdown to 50” to a “fairly frequent” one.

Who’s surprised, really? I mean, a 100-day countdown is a fairly lofty project, really, and while I’m sure there are more than 100 reasons to look forward to my 50s, trying to locate them all while under pressure is kind of intense. It’s like going to the doctor with a full bladder because you know you’re going to have to pee in a cup, and then not being able to produce once you’re in the bathroom.

It’s exactly like that. Pressure is the devil.

I still hope to do a mostly daily countdown – provided I can perform under pressure – but 50 for molly3don’t be surprised if I miss a day here and there. Like yesterday. And Friday.

It was a bad weekend to be blogging – for no reason at all. I was out with a migraine on Friday (I get “weather headaches” like I’m a walking barometer – anyone else get those?) so Saturday’s post was a two-fer. Saturday morning I was part of a project covering the transfer of the final pediatric patients from our old children’s hospital to our brand new building, and then yesterday … Yesterday I was a sloth. I did manage to make it to the laundromat, but most of the day was spent watching season 3 of  “Grace and Frankie” on Netflix (if you haven’t see that show, you really should, it’s awesome).

Everyone needs a quiet weekend every now and then, and looking forward to my “summer of 50,” those kinds of slothing opportunities won’t come very often. Margaret Cho, Willie Nelson, Keith Urban, farmer’s markets, day trips – my summer is getting pretty booked.

And I like it that way.



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