Monday 1, Molly 0

I’ve got just one thing to say to you Monday: It’s a good thing I’ve got a sense of humor.

Monday and I have long had a battle of wills – sometimes Monday wins, sometimes I win, most of the time it’s a really close game.

Not today.

The day started out like any other Monday: despite the excitement of starting my first full week at my new job there was still just a slight hint of angst waking up and discovering it was, indeed, Monday. I got ready for work and things went fairly well until about the end, when I started to lag behind.

Rather than park in my assigned lot and take the shuttle bus to the office I parked in the hospital parking ramp. I knew it would be expensive but I didn’t want to be late so I shrugged, resigned myself to the $15 parking fee and went to work.

The morning at the office started OK — went with a co-worker on a media escort, which ended up taking me (and my new heels) about a half mile or more, and then back. Since it’s just Day Four of my new job I spent the rest of the morning getting files set up, resetting passwords and trying to track down my driver’s license, which I swear I lost sometime last week.

All was good. Then came afternoon.

I share a small office with a woman with whom I also share the job of media relations for the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics. We’re on the third floor of the old part of the hospital and aside from the occasional dialysis patient walking through from the unit down the hall, our area is fairly quiet.

When I had a meeting across the hall from my office this afternoon I left my office door open, despite my co-worker’s warning that the door should be shut when we’re away. I thought about it, even had my keys with the key to the door sitting out, but then thought against it. I was, after all, going to be just across the hall.

I came back to the office to find my wallet had been taken from my purse – which was on the floor under my desk, tucked in behind my garbage can.

With the wallet went my debit cards, a book of checks, my Social Security card (I know, it wasn’t supposed to have been in there) and about $70 in cash. And, as I’m remembering, my car insurance card, the kids’ health insurance card, etc., etc.

I called hospital security immediately and learned that really, there wasn’t a lot they could do but take a report.

Then reality started crashing in. My car was in the parking garage and I’d need $15 to get it out (thanks to my co-worker for a small loan!). If my driver’s license was lost for good I would need to get a new one — but now didn’t have my Social Security card to present as identification. My son talked to me about needing to go to the clinic and I instantly reached for my wallet to hand him the insurance card. Oops.

I tried calling the banks to put a hold on the cards but it’s President’s Day so the banks were closed. I’ll have to do that tomorrow, as well as go through the long and tedious process of having child support redirected, which will create a 3-4-week lag in payments (I know this from six years ago when my identity was stolen).

Well played, Monday. You managed to bring Tuesday and probably even part of Wednesday into the game. You got this one, but be warned.

I’m bringing my A-game next week.

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