Being tall is not a disease

I’ve recently made a wardrobe change, one that didn’t require moving summer clothes to storage and bringing out the sweaters or shopping in angst while my waist started moving the wrong way.

I started wearing heels.

To any other woman, you might say, “So what?” But in my bare feet I stand just a smidge under six feet. Trust me — heels are a big deal.

My attitude about my height has ebbed and flowed with the tide: sometimes I think it’s absolutely awesome, other times it’s the worst thing in the world. I’ve joked about my “freakish tall-ness” so much that one friend has ever an elbow ready to jab me in the ribs (well, just below the ribs — she’s only 5’6″).

I love the way heels make a woman look, filled with confidence and strength. So why can’t I wear them?

I couldn’t find an answer. So, embracing my “freakish tall-ness” I bought my first pair of three-inch heels. And love them.

I’m not the only one with issues about everyone else’s issues over height. I found this great column on earlier today.

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    Nice to see your confidence.


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